The Importance of Routine Wellness & Preventative Care

You want as many happy, healthy years with your cat as possible.  At The Cat Hospital, we want that, too!

That's why we place such a strong emphasis on routine wellness and preventative care — and why you’ll find that our excellent care of your kitty is also extremely affordable.

Regular visits with us (typically once or twice a year, depending on age) allow our feline veterinarians to monitor your cat's health, and to practice preventative measures to protect kitty against health risks. 

We can also be on the lookout for early signs of any potential medical concerns -- before they become a more serious (and costly) problem for your cat.

Wellness Visits The Cat Hospital: Three Benefits for You and Your Cat

FIRST BENEFIT: An Individualized Approach to Health

No matter how well you care for kitty, s/he will encounter health problems over the years. At The Cat Hospital, our first step is to partner with you to prevent disease and give your pet a long, healthy life.

We'll start by assessing your cat's lifestyle and risk factors, and then developing an individualized approach to vaccination, nutrition, and overall health.

Vet tech Angie prepares Tippy for her annual wellness exam.

Vet tech Angie prepares Tippy for her annual wellness exam.

SECOND BENEFIT: Early Detection Of Problems

The second benefit of regular wellness screening is to monitor your cat's ongoing health over time. During each visit, our feline veterinarians will conduct a thorough "nose-to-toes" exam.

Based on this exam and other factors (age, pre-existing conditions, etc.), we may recommend diagnostic tests to help us identify any early risk factors.

Cats age much more quickly than humans, so as they get older, once yearly check-ups (and preferably twice yearly after age 7) increase the chances of early detection — and positive outcomes.

THIRD BENEFIT: Kitty Won’t Mind coming To See Us!

Finally, regular screenings offer us the opportunity to get to know you and your precious kitty even better. The more we know, the better we can treat.

Plus, your cat becomes more used to us, which makes trips to the vet much more pleasant for all involved! 

You Want The Best For Your Kitty…And So Do We.

You love your cat and want the very best for that little one. We want to be with you every step of the way, and through every life stage.

Your commitment to regular, preventive wellness care is the first step toward a long, healthy life for your companion.

At the Cat Hospital, we provide comprehensive, affordable wellness services from kittenhood to the senior years, and we’ll be there with you for as many years as you have your cat.

Start Your Commitment To Your Kitty’s Health By Scheduling An Appointment Today.

See you soon!

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